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LED Downlights

To help save money for customers. We make sure that among the services we provide our customer has LED Downlights installed in their homes.

There is no debate LED Downlights are 83% to 87% are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They are quick to install and payback on investment comes back relatively in no time.

Traditionally downlights required a significant gap in insulation around the downlight fitting. At Sustain Energy, downlight that we use in contrast can be covered by the insulation to keep the home brighter and warmer.

Our Service

Downlights & Insulation

The incandescent bulbs are quite energy inefficient. They convert less than 7% of their energy into light, the rest is wasted on heat.

The recommended guidelines require insulation to keep up to 200mm clear of all downlights unless the light fitting carries an “IC” or “CA” classification. Due to this clearance, it results in a large amount of heat loss around the light fitting.

For replacing your downlights with long-life LED replacement. Get a free quote from us.